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Product Description


Product Details:

With Maximum Power Kick and Extended Transfer Zone for improved versatility, the perfectly balanced S190 COMPOSITE STICK delivers power and great feel for the puck.

Product Details

S190 Composite Stick

Supreme Stick Flex

Full Motion Shots

High kick point + soft blade work together to optimize powerful shots.

  • Senior
    • 102 Pro Flex
    • 87 Reg Flex
    • 77 Med Flex
  • Flex Profile
    • SUPREME High Kick Point Profile
  • Shaft Construction/Technology
    • 12K Carbon fiber construction
    • Extended Transfer Zone
    • Fused 2 piece construction
    • MPK Technology
    • Tactile texture enhances security with a natural feel
  • Blade Construction/Technology
    • Exterior: 12K Carbon blade wrap
    • Interior: POWER SENSE CORE 2 blade core
    • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Shaft Shape
    • Square double concave shaft
  • Shaft Taper
    • SUPREME Power Dual Taper
  • Grip Options
    • GRIPTAC grip finish (shown)
  • Senior
    • P28 - Eichel
    • P88 - Kane
    • P92 - Matthews

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    • Senior [60"]