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Product Description


Product Details:

When your chance comes, you need a quick-reacting stick you can count on. The Vapor X600 Lite is designed with all-new BridgeCore blade technology for added stability to allow you to have more control over the puck and catch goalies off guard.

Product Details

X600 Lite Stick

Vapor Stick Flex

Quick Motion Shots

Low kick point + stiff blade work together to optimize quick release shots.

  • Senior
    • 87 Reg Flex
  • Intermediate
    • 60 Flex
  • Junior
    • 40 Flex
  • Flex Profile
    • VAPOR Low-Kick flex profile
  • Shaft Construction/Technology
    • Fused 2 piece construction
    • Performance carbon construction
  • Blade Construction/Technology
    • Exterior: Performance carbon construction
    • Interior: BridgeCore Blade Technology
    • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Shaft Shape
    • Micro Feel II shaft dimension and Double concave walls
  • Shaft Taper
    • VAPOR Premium Dual Taper
  • Grip Options
    • GRIPTAC grip finish (shown)
  • Senior
    • P88 - Kane
    • P92 - Matthews
  • Intermediate
    • P88 - Kane
    • P92 - Matthews
  • Junior
    • P88 - Kane
    • P92 - Matthews

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    • Senior [60"]
    • Intermediate [57"]
    • Junior [50"]