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Product Description


Product Details:

The VAPOR X900 features Balsa-core technology in the paddle to give this composite stick a true foam core feel. The INNEGRA™-reinforced blade provides optimal dampening during shots while remaining lightweight.

Product Details

X900 Goal Stick

  • Blade
    • INNEGRA reinforced outer wrap
    • Low density foam for better balance and feel
  • Paddle
    • Balsa core technology
    • Arch paddle construction for optimal balance
  • Shaft
    • Composite handle
    • Control zone with GRIPTAC on shoulder
    • Double concave geometry for better feel
  • Senior
    • P31 Left (25", 26", 27")
    • P31 Left Booking (25", 26", 27")
    • P31 Right Booking (25") - Black only
  • Intermediate
    • P31 Left (23")
    • P31 Right Booking (23") - Black only
  • Junior
    • P31 Left (21")
  • P31 – Lie 14, mid open curve
VAPOR X900 Stick Black
Black (Stock)
VAPOR X900 Stick Red
Red (Stock)
VAPOR X900 Stick Navy
Navy (Stock)
VAPOR X900 Stick Yellow
Sport Gold
VAPOR X900 Stick Blue
VAPOR X900 Stick Green
VAPOR X900 Stick Orange